As I Grew Older

Summer 2014 F Exam


  1. “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength and the passion to reach for the stars, to change the world.” – Harriet Tubman, a famous African-American civil rights activist. Make a connection between the above quote and the poem. Give information from the poem to support your answer.


Moed Bet 2012 F Exam


  1. What did the speaker have “a long time ago”? (5 points)
  2. What happened to the speaker as he grew older? (5 points)
  3. Explain how the images of light and darkness are used in the poem.


  1. Is the poem optimistic, pessimistic or both? Explain.


  1. Why does the speaker mention using his hands to break through the wall? (7 points)
  2. What do you think will be the effect of breaking through the wall? (8 points)


Summer 2012 F Exam


  1. “Poets who write about love, roses and moonlight… must lead a very quiet life. unfortunately, having been born poor – and also colored – in Missouri, I was stuck in the mud from the beginning. Although I wanted to float off into the clouds, poverty and racism would grab me by the heels, and I would land right back on earth.” – Langston Hughes. Explain how this quote adds to your understanding of the poem.


Moed Bet 2011 F Exam


  1. “When Langston Hughes wrote the poem As I Grew Older (1925), African Americans were discriminated against. They were prevented from using the same bathrooms and restaurants as whites and were forced to sit at the back of the bus. Essentially, the United States of America was a racist society with racist laws.” – Hamlet Pericles. How does the above quote add to your understanding of the poem As I Grew Older? Support your answer with examples from the poem.


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